Walnut Neighborhood Listening Meetings

August 2016 What dreams do we have for our neighborhood?

On August 14 and 20, neighbors and friends of the Walnut Neighborhood of Waterloo, gathered to listen to one another and envision the future of our neighborhood.  Table groups answered three questions through a technique called "World Cafe", an energetic process for gathering input.  The first question:  What does your dream look like for the neighborhood?  Here are the top most common answers given:

#1 Friendly, kind neighbors who know one another and care about each other.

#2 Nice, decent, affordable houses occupied mainly by owners.

#3 A safe and secure neighborhood.

#4 Beauty!  Flowers, trees, gardens, manicured lawns, nice looking houses, community gardens

#5 Activities with and for neighborhood, including a playground for children.

#6 Stores that are close and convenient for shopping.

#7 Economic development: jobs, new businesses.