Try Pie


Try Pie at your next event. For large events, we offer individual mini pies and large pies baked to order. Contact Megan Tensen with details about your event at

Try Pie empowers a diverse group of teen girls in life and leadership skills through meaningful work by making and selling great pie.  The Try Pie team builds reconciling community while learning about faith, job skills, entrepreneurialism, financial stewardship, all while making and selling great homemade pie across the Cedar Valley!  

How You Can Help

  • Help Try Pie teens market their product.  
  • Donate finances or ingredients for pie making.
  • Find and write grants for Try Pie.
  • Offer your business expertise as Try Pie writes a business plan for the future.
  • Help provide transportation for the members of Try Pie.
  • Provide snacks and meals for Try Pie teen members on work evenings.  

A Look at Try Pie in 2016

Six teens from all three high schools in the Cedar Valley completed almost three hundred hours of work experience, earning over $2,000 collectively. With each paycheck, these young women were coached in practicing financial stewardship habits of giving to their community and saving for their futures.

Over the course of three months, the Try Pie team worked alongside each other to make and sell over 350 large frozen pies to three different churches in the Waterloo / Cedar Falls area. In addition, Try Pie sold a total of 350 baked mini pies at three local events. In total, Try Pie’s sales brought in $6,500. After covering labor costs for students and ingredient costs for pies, the session ended with a profit of $1,400 - making this the most profitable session of Try Pie yet!

Teens also participated in weekly classroom curriculum that focused on job readiness training including resume writing, being interviewed, problem solving, working on a team, maintaining personal integrity, setting and pursuing career goals, and other necessary skills for their future. After completing the session, teens showed significant increases of confidence in their competency in each of these areas. As evidence of this improvement, five of six students shared that they feel ready to get and keep a job other than Try Pie after participating in the classroom and experiential learning offered this Spring.