Committed to being a good neighbor

An Interview with Alice and Bob Rohret.. Bob and Alice Rohret Meet the Neighbors

Why did you move into the neighborhood?

Well, our church is in the neighborhood.  We were living in Jesup in a retirement home on an acreage that Bob built.  We loved being in the country, and we were living in our dream retirement home. When our pastor called to tell us that there was a home for sale in the neighborhood, Bob was not at all interested.  A few years later, we heard a challenging sermon asking what we were doing with our lives, and Bob had a dream where Jesus was telling him that he'd gotten too comfortable.  We realized we were called to move into the neighborhood and be a good neighbor.

What do you love about being in the neighborhood?

Well we love our home and the idea of restoring it.  It's our 3rd old house to buy and restore.

We've been here for two years, and Alice loves to hear the children play especially the Boys and Girls club.  Also, we are just around the corner from our church.

 What would you like to see happen in the neighborhood?

We'd like the neighborhood to be more aware of one another.  People don’t get too know each other as well as they use to. We would love to see a block party with neighborhood.  Alice would love to get to know more of the children and have them stop by to visit. 

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