Pastors Committed to do Church and Life with the Walnut Neighborhood!



How long have you lived in the neighborhood?

The church was purchased in 2007 and we had our first worship service at Harvest in February 2008.

As for us personally, we bought the house in 2010 thinking that we’d renovate and make the home into a Men’s Transitional House.  God ended up revealing to us that WE should live in the house.  We have lived here since 2012.

What do you love most about the neighborhood?

George:  That it feels like a neighborhood.  The neighbors, and friends, and we know a lot of people in the neighborhood.

Judy:  We’ve gotten to know a lot of people by putting in Grace Gardens. 

What is your vision for the neighborhood?

J:  My vision for the neighborhood is that we will all become good neighbors to each other.  That we will know one another, watch out for one another. 

G: My vision is to see reconciliation, reconstruction, that we will see transformation and that God would be glorified. 

G: The typical scenario for a neighborhood like ours is that young people will grow up and be on the sidelines.  And here you are (spoken to Mari), not on the sidelines, but being part of making it better.

J: The typical scenario for a neighborhood like ours is that young people grow up and leave the neighborhood.  How great would it be if our young people grew up, left the neighborhood long enough to get their college education, and then came BACK to the neighborhood to use their gifts to improve the neighborhood?  Success is not always “out there”…maybe we can start to see success in returning to our neighborhoods to make a difference.