Fundamentals & Values

Mission Fundamentals:

Link has 7 fundamentals and 5 core values that guide our network.

1. Spirit of God

Link is built on listening, discerning, and obeying the Spirit of God as He moves and directs. We believe that it is only through the Spirit's leadership, grace, and power, that we will accomplish the calling God has for Link. We believe that our God is a sending God; He sent His Son into the world, and He sends His Spirit to work through people as He restores the world through Christ. We believe that the Holy Spirit reveals God's will and directs us through His Word, prayer, people, and through circumstances.

2. Reconciliation

We believe that through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, people can be reconciled to God and reconciled to one another. Link intentionally works to break down barriers that divide us, to nurture relationships that bring Christ’s healing to our community, and to affirm the different ways we all reflect the image of God.

3. Christian Community

Organizations are made of people, and Link is organized by the relationships that develop as God binds person by person together in community. We value the friendships, the gifts, the encouragement, the honesty, the reciprocity, the accountability, and the growth that is present in authentic Christian community. We believe that loving relationships are the foundational currency of Link.

4. Partnership

The gifts needed are many and the issues to be addressed are great in our community. It will take a collective effort and a broad spectrum of partners working together for transformation. Link’s very existence came about through the partnership of Harvest Vineyard Church, Orchard Hill Church, and the support of the Walnut Neighborhood Association.

5. Mission of Compassion & Justice

We trust God’s heart for people who suffer. We believe that God calls us to hands-on compassion, sending us to be his hands and feet, salt and light, His loving presence. We believe we are called to cooperate with Christ to bear witness to his kingdom of righteousness and justice on the earth.

6. Wholistic Development

We believe Christ came to redeem us completely. Link addresses the needs of the whole person-spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual. Believing that Christ came to redeem systems and places, as well as individuals, we pray that through our faith in Christ and our relationships with one another, God may achieve wholistic transformation in the community.

7. Next Generation

Youth empowerment is a central component of Link as we work to raise up devoted followers of Christ and community leaders in the next generation. Young people have a lot to offer our community. We try to nurture the youth as they grow to live faith-filled lives of service, caring, and leadership both now and in the future.

Our Values

1. Listening & Learning

Link values listening and learning from the community and seeking to better understand others and ourselves. Due to years of systemic injustices, there is as much to unlearn as to learn. Link desires to help people develop a Kingdom of God worldview and to bring people together in such a way that affirms every person’s dignity.

2. Asset-based Approach

Link practices asset-based community development, or ABCD. First we ask, “What do we have? What beauty and gifts already exist?” rather than “What’s missing, what’s wrong?” God creates all people in His image, and He asks us to affirm and expand His beauty on the earth as He continues to make all things new.

3. Good Neighboring

Having good neighbors begins with being a good neighbor. Link discovered that many issues facing our community today would be drastically reduced if we took Jesus seriously and became good neighbors. Link Christian Development works to reawaken the lost art of good neighboring.

4. Serving

Link desires to follow Christ into service with God’s compassion for all people. Jesus came not to be served but to serve, and his people are to do the same. In humility and with servants’ hearts, we can offer our presence and gifts to one another.

5. Mutuality

We value interdependency. We believe that every person and every partner has gifts and resources to offer as well as needs to be addressed. Together we offer what we have, and we help one another grow and develop toward Christlikeness.