Walnut Neighborhood

The following is a segment of an introduction to an oral history project of the Walnut Neighborhood Association written by Neighbor Annette Swann and copyrighted in 2003.

“The Walnut Neighborhood Association is in a historic section of East Waterloo approximately four-square blocks bordering on the northeast edge of the downtown area. The boundaries are Franklin Street, E. 4th St., Dane Street and Highway 63. There are approximately sixty homes, many dating back to the turn of the century. The architectural mixture is large Victorian houses, smaller two-story Victorian houses, and a sprinkling of thirties-style cottages are intermingled with large spans of vacant lots. Waterloo’s first hospital, the old Pine Street Hospital, now an apartment house, is here. Along side it are a half dozen Arts and Crafts style cottages where the nurses lived. Walnut Court, a large senior residence with over fifty apartments, built in the twenties, is a vital force….”

Today, in 2018, the Walnut Neighborhood remains a vital Waterloo neighborhood with an active neighborhood association despite the fact that many historic homes of the neighborhood have been demolished within the past decade due to decay. Listed below are some of the current assets and contributors in the Walnut Neighborhood. Click here to read about neighbors in this monthly website feature called “Meet the Neighbors”

Individuals & Families 


  • Harvest Vineyard Church, 715 E. 4th St. [ Website &  Facebook ]
  • First Presbyterian Church, 505 Franklin St. [ Website ]
  • Faith Temple American Baptist Church, 325 E. Park Ave. [ Website ]


  • Ali's Corner, E. 4th St. and Dane St.
  • Brothers Barbershop, 800 Block E. 4th St.
  • Chicago Central and Commerce Credit Union, 1005 E. 4th St.
  • Earth’s Beauty Supply, 403 Franklin St. [ Google+ Page ]
  • Fresh Cutz Barber, 900 block E. 4th St.
  • Harold's Chicken, 403 Franklin St. 
  • IWireless, 325 Franklin St.
  • Sookies Restaurant, 506 Argyle St. [ Google+ Page ]
  • Ebay Store Antiques-R-Us 123, 619 E. 4th St. [ Ebay Store ]
  • Chuckster's Take-out Restaurant, 801 E. 4th St. [ Google + Page ]
  • Q's Clothing, 518 Dane St. 
  • Speller's True Value Hardware 1027 E. 4th St.  (website)
  • Sayer Law Group 925 E. 4th St. (website)

Nonprofit Services

  • House of Hope, 306 Walnut Street. [ Website ]
  • Boys n’ Girls Club, 515 Lime Street. [ Website ]
  • Lily Ferguson Child Development Center, 416 Iowa Street. [ Website ]