Link is a network of FRIENDS AND ORGANIZATIONS who focus and strategize together for neighborhood flourishing through Christian Community Development.

Church Partners

Church-based Community Development is about learning how to practice being a church that partners with the community. Churches are called to address the wholistic needs of people both inside and outside of church walls and to work toward individual and systemic transformation that results in a thriving community for all residents.

Walnut Neighborhood Partners

Having good neighbors begins with being a good neighbor.  Many issues facing our communities today would be drastically reduced if, block by block, we strengthened the fabric of our neighborhoods.  Link’s geographic focus is in one particular neighborhood: The Walnut Neighborhood of Waterloo, IA. The Walnut Neighborhood Association is an active partner toward neighborhood flourishing.  

Development Partners

A development coalition formed in the fall of 2016 after neighbors and invested community members identified the top five challenges facing the Walnut neighborhood:

  1. housing
  2. safety
  3. unity
  4. financial resources/jobs
  5. economic development.

This coalition meets monthly to promote and protect fair, affordable, mixed-income, and historically preserved Housing and Urban Development in the Walnut Neighborhood.

Youth Development Partners

Youth empowerment is a central component of Link CCD. Nurturing the needs of a whole young person (spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual), building bridges across divides in our community, and introducing relationships and skills to encourage lives of service, employment, faith, and leadership among youth are central to Link CCD.

Youth Art Team and Try Pie are two youth development partners steeped in CCD principles. Both programs were incubated out of Link CCD, both have grown well beyond the neighborhood, and both are taking flight into their own nonprofit status in our community. We believe in the strength of connecting relationships, gifts, and learning, and so we look forward to continued partnership with these amazing friends!

Dr. Perkins

CCDA Partners

CCDA has been an invaluable vehicle of training, inspiration, and networking for Link CCD. This national association has connected Link with others doing Christian community development across the country. Together, we can learn from one another regarding best practices, struggles, and failures. We have built relationships over the past 11 years that have helped provide the encouragement, support, and prayer needed as we all work toward healing and restoration in our respective communities.

Link CCD formed a regional CCDA network in 2019. You will see opportunities for learning, conversations, and experiences coming forth from this network throughout the year. More Information is available here.

Supporting Partners

So many friends and organizations across our community, state, and nation have supported the work of Link CCD and its partners through donations, grants, and gifts of service and encouragement. Thank you for helping make our community flourish through your generosity!

Thank you to so very many generous funding entities, churches, businesses, and individuals!


Laura Hoy, LINK Director

Laura Hoy is a visionary, catalyst, communicator, and networker within Link Christian Community Development. Living in the Walnut Neighborhood and employed through Orchard Hill Church, Laura works to develop and strengthen the Link network so that this network of friends and organizations might develop focused strategies together for life and neighborhood transformation.

Laura was trained and certified in the philosophy of Christian Community Development in 2011 by CCDA. She continues to learn from and speak publicly about this approach to community engagement and transformation.

  • Dave Bartlett, president

    Retired Orchard Hill Church leader; leadership coach, teacher

  • Judy Marshall, vice president

    Harvest Vineyard co-pastor

  • Laura Hoy, secretary

    Orchard Hill Church

  • Paul Fienup, treasurer

    Accountant, Bergan KDV Des Moines

  • Pat Oehler, board director

    Executive Management, Orchard Hill Church, Cedar Falls

  • ReShonda Young, board director

    Owner, Popcorn Heaven

  • Mark Iehl, board director

    Business Manager at Visual Logic

  • Jerome Amos, board director

    4th Ward Waterloo Councilman

  • Sarah Helleso, board director

    Try Pie Co-Director

  • Latricia Hylton, board director

    UNI Math faculty

  • Preston Taylor, board director


  • Amy Wiles, board director

    First Presbyterian Church senior pastor

  • Megan Tensen, board director

    Try Pie Co-Director