Link CCD is committed to training, inspiring, and connecting people through the foundational principles found within Christian Community Development. Listening and learning communities, book groups, speaking events, and conversation circles are all a part of Link’s mission toward realizing compassionate and just communities.

Link initiates and also partners with others to provide opportunities to listen, learn, and have conversations that would lead us toward the growth and flourishing of individuals and communities.


The development work toward a flourishing community involves both people and places, both relationships and locations. Link is committed to working with neighbors so that life by life, block by block, we can create beauty, strength, and be the kind of community in which everyone has opportunities to grow and thrive. 


Christmas in Walnut is an annual event in the neighborhood. Watch this 3 minute video that gives you a great picture of Christian community development work in Walnut Neighborhood.

Based out of the Walnut Neighborhood of Waterloo, IA, Christ will grow a reconciling community of hope and empowerment through a focus on neighborhood strengthening, youth development, and jobs in order that all involved might flourish.


Youth empowerment is a central component of Link CCD.  Nurturing the needs of a whole young person (spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual), building bridges across divides in our community, and introducing relationships and skills to encourage lives of service, employment, faith, and leadership among youth are central to Link CCD.

Youth Art Team and Try Pie are two youth development partners steeped in CCD principles. We incubated both programs out of the Link core, have grown well beyond the neighborhood, and are taking flight into their own nonprofit status in the community.  We believe in the strength of connecting relationships, gifts, and learning, and so we look forward to continued partnership with these amazing friends! Learn more by clicking on their logos.